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CSI: Miami

Tunnel Vision – Clues in a case involving the discovery of a body in a sinkhole point the CSIs to a robbery that’s being planned on a target who holds a disturbing secret.


Two and a Half Men

Look at Me, Mommy, I’m Pretty – While Alan plans Evelyn’s wedding, Charlie plans his next conquest—his future stepsister.

How I Met Your Mother

The Goat – Barney breaks the “Bro Code” in a matter involving Ted, and he has to deal with the consequences.

Big Brother

The jury members question the final two houseguests and then vote for the winner.  Ultimately, Adam wins $500,000.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Drops’ Out – Two murders that occur in the same apartment are linked to a jailed convict (Method Man), so the CSIs break him out of prison to help solve the crimes.


I’m Ruthless…and Have a Smile on My Face – Jason is voted out of the game.

Big Brother

A Head of Household competition is held and the winner Ryan, who immediately evicts Sheila, leaving only Ryan and Adam in the game.