Monthly Archives: April 2008


Car Trouble – Joe surprises Allison by buying her a used car, but Allison’s subsequent visions warn of the vehicle’s unsavory past. Meanwhile, Allison grows unsettled upon meeting Joe’s sightly business partner, venture capitalist Meghan Doyle.


CSI: Miami

Tunnel Vision – Clues in a case involving the discovery of a body in a sinkhole point the CSIs to a robbery that’s being planned on a target who holds a disturbing secret.

Dirty Jobs

Dairy Cow Midwife – Mike visits an Indiana dairy farm, where he learns how to milk a cow and clean her udders. Also: how to artificially inseminate a cow and deliver calves.


No More Mr. Nice Guy – House suspects that an ER patient with a sunny disposition has a bigger problem than was initially diagnosed. The reason: He thinks the patient is too nice. Meanwhile, House and Amber (Anne Dudek) spar over face time with Wilson; and Cuddy demands House give his team performance reviews.

Samantha Who?

The Gallery Show – Sam asks a complete stranger named Craig to Todd’s photo gallery show in order to prove to Todd that she’s over him. But is Craig as much of a stranger as Sam thinks he is? Meanwhile, one of Todd’s photos on display is a shot of Sam.

Two and a Half Men

Look at Me, Mommy, I’m Pretty – While Alan plans Evelyn’s wedding, Charlie plans his next conquest—his future stepsister.

How I Met Your Mother

The Goat – Barney breaks the “Bro Code” in a matter involving Ted, and he has to deal with the consequences.