CSI: Miami

All In – (Part 2 of “Ambush”)After seeing her exploited on the website “Solve a crime with Calleigh” two young guys abduct her and force her to use her CSI expertise to cover up a murder they just committed after a poker game gone wrong. Initially, Horatio thinks Ron Saris (lead suspect in the Kathleen Newberry’s murder) had something to do with Calleigh’s abduction, but bullet evidence left in her Hummer leads them to Paul Evett, an addicted gambler down on his luck thinking Calleigh’s empty Hummer belonging to our victim. Calleigh leaves traces of evidence of her being at the crime scene to help the team track her down. While cleaning up the crime scene she discovers that her abductors may not have killed their victim after all. It turns our Paul Evett poisoned our victim to throw him off his game and in doing so killed him. Calleigh’s final clue she leaves for the team ultimately saves her life.


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