CSI: Miami


Ambush – (Part one of a two parter) When the body of Kathleen Newberry (the woman who was to testify against Kyle in “Raising Caine” but mysteriously didn’t show up) is found dead in her car at the bottom of the everglades, the evidence takes Horatio back to Kyle’s mom, Julia Winston. Julia Winston denies having anything to do with Kathleen�s murder and warns Horatio that he should really back down for his own good. Horatio also learns that Julia has been digging around for details surrounding the time he spend in Brazil. Apparently Kathleen’s sun pass that they were monitoring is linked back to a truck driver, Ted Wallace, who was paid off to use the sun pass on his route. At the rest stop where they find Wallace, Delko checks out the restroom and notices that a struggle may have recently taken place there. Blood evidence on the towel dispenser leads them to Ron Saris who just so happens to know Julia. Horatio tells Julia that it would be in her best interest if she turned Saris in. Ultimately in order to get Horatio to back off, Julia finds a way to get Horatio arrested for the murder of Antonio Riaz (who killed Horatio’s wife) in Brazil. Extradited back to Brazil, Horatio finds himself face-to-face with the Brazilian Feds who often abide by their own laws. Someone is out to sabotage Calleigh�s career and has put up a website tracking her every move. They even switch out her memory card from her camera at the crime scene and post the crime scene photos that she took. They trace back the creator of the website to Dan Cooper (who Calleigh caught using Speedo’s credit card and got him fired from the CSI lab) who claims to be doing nothing wrong. In the end, posting Calleigh’s phone number and whereabouts, puts her in grave danger as we find her bound and gagged in a warehouse.


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